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Enabling successful lives abroad.

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We believe everyone can improve success, happiness and fulfilment in life overseas.

Changing country, culture and environment is challenging and disruptive to our established lifestyles, as well as creating new and stimulating opportunities. TransCultural Coaching understands the issues, and enables you to make the most of the experience. We find this work thoroughly satisfying.

Expat Partner

(and Family)

The challenges are so significant that this role is now the No1 reason that most overseas assignments fail.

The pressures, new skills and responsibilities are often more intense than for the Partner who is on assignment. Especially if children are also in transition.

Executive on Assignment

Many of the attractions and career development opportunities can be clear before such a move. There are also aspects that are not anticipated.

Being prepared for and learning about predictable personal challenges can make a material difference.

Global  Mobility Professionals

Overseas assignments are an essential way for businesses to become and remain competitive in a globalising context.


Increasing the chances of success for such programs can be systematic and integrated within the HR function. It doesn't need to cost the earth. 

International Schools

With greater turnover in students in all years, the combination of pupil disruption and high parental expectations creates a special challenge to maximise the potential of the next generation of globally mobile third culture kids.

Systematically measuring and building resilience in pupils, parents and teachers adds value

in the whole school environment, and ultimately the success and reputation of schools.

Alison Collis MBACP - Psychotherapist and Coach

Experienced, qualified therapist and coach specialising in working with Expatriates and their families. Registered member of the Assn. for Coaching and the British Assn. of Counsellors and Psychotherapists. Located in Lisbon and the Silver Coast.

Area of Expertise : Expatriate success, wellbeing and resilience. 
I work with expatriates and their families to make their overseas move successful and enjoyable. I specialise in building resilience and navigating all the emotional and practical transitions involved in expatriation and repatriation. 

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